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Berlin, Germany 

Pilot 1.2 — Planning and housing inequalities (spatial justice, urban renewal)


The Rathausblock is an urban renewal area in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Resulting from long fights of urban activists/local civil society, a cooperation ‘model project’ between the city administration and non-profit civil society actors has been established, through creating bonds and alliances between the civil society and state actors. This co-production developed physical and virtual infrastructures for the performative aspect of the site and the future housing project.


Here we will research how the local spatial infrastructures along with specific community-driven programs (workshops, tools sharing and new communication strategies) have created common good- and spatial justice-oriented planning practice.

Topic: Planning and housing inequalities (Berlin, Călărași)

This overarching entry point will explore the major inequalities generated by top-down regeneration and renewal strategies but also rising prices and low-income housing shortages (Berlin, Călărași) in large and mid-sized cities. In particular, this theme will focus on the inequalities experienced by migrants, minorities and refugees and attempts to address these via processes of co-production.

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