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Giza, Egypt 

Pilot 2.3 — Inequalities and environmental degradation (solid waste and water management)


Mansheyat Dahshur (40,000 inhabitants) is a peri-urban municipality of the Giza Governorate, in the Greater Cairo Region. It suffers from both a seriously deteriorating solid waste management system and poor waste disposal practices. In 2020, NSCE conducted a study of the solid waste situation as part of the EU-funded project Visit Badrashin.


The current project will build on the trust established with the regional and local authorities, and the local community, to implement the pilot co-production of an inclusive action plan to reduce water and solid waste pollution and enhance participatory initiatives.

Topic: Environmental inequalities (Attica region, Giza governorate, Marseille)

This pilot will explore the environmental inequalities revealed and exacerbated by industrial pollution and waste management in three urban areas. It will draw on the experience of co-production partnerships attempting to address seriously deteriorating solid waste management systems (Giza, Egypt), issues related to large open landfills (Attica, Greece). Taken together, these co-production labs offer insights into the one focused on urban local adaptation to climate-change (Marseille).

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