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Marseille, France 

Pilot 2.2 — Planning and housing inequalities (spatial justice, urban renewal)


In the context of multiscalar public intervention on public space, initiatives aim at setting up processes of co-production between civil society and the newly elected municipality of Marseille.


This co-production process takes different features according to sites and urban stakes co-producing a local housing plan and mobilizing for affordable housing (Centre Ville Pour Tous, an inner city for all) ; interrogating the ecological transition so that it does not produce or exacerbate social inequalities (City Studio 4-5, AMU/MESOPOLHIS).

Topic: Environmental inequalities (Attica region, Giza governorate, Marseille)

This pilot will explore the environmental inequalities revealed and exacerbated by industrial pollution and waste management in three urban areas. It will draw on the experience of co-production partnerships attempting to address seriously deteriorating solid waste management systems (Giza, Egypt), issues related to large open landfills (Attica, Greece). Taken together, these co-production labs offer insights into the one focused on urban local adaptation to climate-change (Marseille).

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