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West Attica, Greece 

Pilot 2.1 — Inequalities and environmental degradation & adaptation


Located in the outskirts of Athens, West Attica is the most disadvantaged area of the region with limited accessibility to public services. The presence of logistic platforms, industry and brownfield equates here with strong pollution and long-lasting environmental degradation associated with hosting the biggest landfill in Greece.


These vulnerabilities have been tragically highlighted by the recent devastating fires and floods in the region and are reinforced by weak democratic participation. Here, Fairville, together with the Attica Regional Authority and local associations in the municipalities of Elefsina, Mandra and Aspropyrgos, will co-produce strategies directed to the embedded environmental and social challenges.

Environmental inequalities (Attica region, Giza governorate, Marseille)

This pilot will explore the environmental inequalities revealed and exacerbated by industrial pollution and waste management in three urban areas. It will draw on the experience of co-production partnerships attempting to address seriously deteriorating solid waste management systems (Giza, Egypt), issues related to large open landfills (Attica, Greece). Taken together, these co-production labs offer insights into the one focused on urban local adaptation to climate-change (Marseille).

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