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London, United Kingdom 

Pilot 3.1 — Health and environmental inequalities


This case focuses on the recent co-production of a community-led post-pandemic recovery plan for London by the informal community planning network Just Space. Published on 04 April 2022, the plan drew on contributions from more than 60 London-based community groups, presenting 44 policy proposals designed to radically alter the course of London’s planning.


Ranging from the personal to the collective, from the neighbourhood to the city-wide, the plan’s propositions converge around strong demands for ‘A Caring City’, ‘Visibility and Influence for All’, ‘A City of Local Neighbourhoods’ and ‘Priority for Climate and Nature’.

Topic: Risk and inequalities (Brussels, Dakar, London)

Flooding is known to be the most prevalent risk associated with climate change. Unequally distributed, this risk often compounds existing spatial and housing inequalities. It is also a space / location for interesting experiments (Rotative funds against flooding in Senegal) and vast alliances with the Etats Généraux de l’Eau (EGEB) in the Brussels region. Both locations have strong records in original co-productions that have been recognized by local authorities. Another risk is associated with the pandemic, worked out collectively (London recovery plan) and also assessed in Ile de France in terms of collaborative and solidarity urban action.

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