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Goal 03

Scaling-up co-production practices 


This objective concerns the possibility of scaling-up (and out) the citizen science research and co-production pilot studies developed through this project. It does so with a view to reaching and inspire a significant number of local authorities, activists, experts and key decision makers.


Through drawing together, extending and communicating learnings from WP3 and WP4 will allow us to:


1 — Demonstrate the efficiency of ‘university-community co-production partnerships as a means to both reduce structural and epistemic inequalities and also identify and address barriers to new modes of collaboration;


2 — Respond to growing spatial and wealth inequalities in times of pandemic in raising the collective awareness on just planning (Watson, 2014);


3 — Highlight the capacity of co-production initiatives to increase trust between city-dwellers and local authorities and, in so doing, reignite democratic aspirations and practices.

This project believes democratic institutions should be inspired by co-production practices that reveal the potentials of urban citizenship, particularly when it comes to segregated neighbourhoods in which large numbers of residents and users are deprived of the capacity to vote. Based on this assumption, this objective will make recommendations designed to durably expand spaces for inclusive co-production in our cities.

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