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Goal 02

Democratising urban action


Enhance the inclusion of post-industrial working-class and migrant communities through citizen science collaborations and co-production initiatives. Based on mutual trust and enhanced inclusivity, community-led co-production can go further than consultative participation in meeting the needs and aspirations of local residents and users. As such, these initiatives should no longer be looked at as marginal endeavours but rather as durable alternatives, with the potential to counter inequalities and address democratic backsliding.

Generate bottom-up practical strategies built on the evidence gathered in WP1 and WP2 that complement public action for urban equality, inclusion and political participation.


It will achieve this by:


01 — Fostering existing and new citizen science collaborations for more democratic participation of segregated urban areas. Here the coproduction of action research will pay particular attention to the role of intermediaries/facilitators in the production of citizen science at different levels of governance, including at the local level. The project will develop citizen science action plans for tackling inequalities while forming and consolidating cooperation between citizens, civic society organisations, academics/universities and policymaking institutions for the just city.


02 — Developing co-assessment toolkits for the evaluation of citizen science collaborations that tackle inequalities and foster democratic inclusion. The co-assessment framework will be aimed at reinforcing citizen science collaborations designed to tackle inequalities by boosting trust between the actors involved. This will in turn strengthen public awareness regarding the intersection between participation in planning, democracy, and inequality. This sub-objective will enable comparative analysis across the city case studies of the project.

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