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The London Fairville Lab : Presentation

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

This case focuses on the recent co-production of a community-led post-pandemic recovery plan for London by the community planning network Just Space.

Published on 04 April 2022, the plan drew on contributions from more than 60 London-based community groups, presenting 44 policy proposals designed to radically alter the course of London’s planning.

Ranging from the personal to the collective, from the neighbourhood to the city-wide, the plan’s propositions converge around strong demands for ‘A Caring City’, ‘Visibility and Influence for All’, ‘A City of Local Neighbourhoods’ and ‘Priority for Climate and Nature’.

London Lab actors of co-production

Just Space

Just Space is a London-based network of more than 300 community-groups seeking to influence planning in the city. Of these, more than 60 participated directly in the production of a community-led post-covid Recovery Plan for London. Both the DPU and Just Space have been involved in several co-production projects enabling local communities or users groups to reflect upon the role of planning in their everyday lives and co-design alternative strategies within a framework of socio-spatial environmental justice. Within such initiatives, particular attention is paid to supporting the participation of those marginalised groups and individuals typically unrecognised or unheard in dominant planning approaches. To learn more about Just Space, please visit their website: and follow them on social media:

Download the Just Space Community-Led Recovery Plan:

Download PDF • 3.69MB


The Development Planning Unit (DPU) at University College London (UCL) conducts world-leading research and postgraduate teaching, much of which is designed to build the capacity of national governments, local authorities, NGOs and community activists seeking to promote more socially just and sustainable forms of development. To learn more about DPU, please visit their website: and follow them on social media :



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